World Sight Day 2019 Prevent Vision Problems With 5 Simple Tips

World Sight Day 2019: Prevent Vision Problems With 5 Simple Tips

Last Updated: 24th July, 2022

World Sight Day 2019: Blindness in simple words is complete sight loss or loss of vision. This may also refer to a vision loss with glasses or contact lenses that cannot be reversed. Partial blindness implies that your vision is quite restricted. Absolute blindness turns out you can’t see anything and you wouldn’t see the light. There are several causes of blindness, including injuries, diabetes and several diseases of the eye. Blindness could very well develop over a given time period or unexpectedly. There is often no trauma. Abrupt blindness needs immediate medical attention in emergency.

In the light of truth, in case you can’t read this article without your glasses, then it’s imperative to know that there are around a billion people, who like you, can’t either. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that there are 39 million blind people and around 246 million visually impaired people in the world.


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The World Sight Day is observed on the second Thursday of October (10th of October 2019) every year. The aim is to raise awareness of blindness and vision impairment. The theme for 2019 is “Vision First”.

Moreover, the burden of blindness in India contributes to nearly one fifth of the global blindness’s burden. It is reported that the cases of cataract and refractive errors constitute more than 80% of the blindness.

There seem to be 1.2 billion people who are in need of glasses for seeing better, as per the International Blindness Prevention Agency (IAPB). In simple terms, more than a billion of people suffer from vision impairment.


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But what is more striking is the fact that around 75% of these cases can be avoided. So this world sight day, we try to shed light on some of the simple measures you can follow to keep the eyes healthy and prevent vision impairment.

How To Take Care Of Your Eyes?

Blindness is one of the important public health problems in India. However, with simple tips may you lower your risk of vision problems and prevent blindness. These are a couple of tips to take care of your eyes and get started on this World Sight Day.

1. Go For A Regular Eye Examination

Most of us are aware of the need to go for regular health checkups to lead a healthy life. However, eye examination takes a back seat. Going for an exam exam is the first step to prevent vision impairment and blindness and keep your eyes healthy.


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So the next time you book an appointment for an annual health check-up, make sure you consult an ophthalmologist to get your eyes tested. This is particularly necessary in people who suffer from diabetes as they are at high risk of diabetic retinopathy, eye disease caused due to high blood glucose level. Also, elderly and those with vision impairment should go for regular eye exam as advised by their doctor.

2. Look Away From The Computer Screen

Believe it or not, good eye care begins in the workplace! The reason being that most of us spend hours at a stretch glued to the computer screen. And at the end of the day our eyes have to bear the brunt. But not anymore if you follow the 20-20-20 rule, which is nothing but taking a 20-second break every 20 minutes and looking 20 feet away from your computer.

This is because staring at a computer for a long time can increase the pressure on the eyes. This might cause the eye muscles to work continuously and lower the flexibility of the eye lens. You can even close your eyes for 20 seconds after every 30 minutes or an hour of staring at a computer screen to ease the pressure on the eyes.


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3. Follow At Least 2 Hours Of Device Rule

Be it kids or adults, almost all of us are continuously on the phone either scrolling, chatting or watching a video. But what we tend to forget is the impact of this incessant device time on our eyes. Be it before bedtime or first thing after waking up, we can’t think of leaving our phone aside for a second. This in the long run can severely affect your eyes and vision. So take care of your eyes at this moment!

To break this habit, you can follow the no device rule at least two hours before bedtime or restrict your device time to not more than 2 hours in a day (excluding your time spent at the office). In fact, you can use this time to take a scroll around a park in the evening time or playing with your kids or pet after reaching home which can help ease the stress.

4. Try Exercising For The Eyes

Being physically active is good for the overall health, including the eyes. It improves blood circulation and promotes immunity. But at the same time, trying eye-exercises are also important, especially if you spend more than half of your day looking at a screen. You do not have to learn any new techniques do not have to spend extra efforts to do these exercises.


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The motive of these exercises is to ease the pressure on the eyes and help keep your eyes healthy. Simple exercises that can help include palming (placing your palms on the eyes), massaging your eyelids, rotating your eyeballs in the clockwise and anticlockwise direction or focusing on an object placed at a distance from your vision.

5. Consult The Right Doctor

One of the common mistakes that most people commit is to consult the right eye specialist when it comes to testing their eyes. There are people who visit an optician to get an eye examination and get their glasses at the optical store than at a doctor’s clinic.

However, this is not right because opticians are not qualified doctors but mere professionals who are skilled to help you figure out what kind of glasses you need and fit or repair eyeglasses, contact lenses, and frames. They are not the right experts to check, diagnose or treat your eye and vision care problems.


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Please visit an ophthalmologist and not just an optician the next time you need to get your eyes checked or have any vision issues. You can even get your glasses or lenses to your doctor’s clinic to get them checked by the doctor to be on the safer side.

Remember that most of the cases of vision impairment and blindness can be effectively avoided if you follow the proper care and consult the right expert. So do take care of your eyes because it is through your eyes that you see the world.

Share this article with everyone you know to spread awareness about the simple tips to take care of your eyes and do your bit of this world sight day.

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