World Health Day How To Say “Thank You” To Healthcare Workers, novel coronavirus covid-19

World Health Day: How To Say “Thank You” To Healthcare Workers

Last Updated: 24th July, 2022

World Health Day: Every year the World Health Day is honored on 7th April. The 2020 moto is to commemorate and celebrate the dedication of physicians and nurses, and to reassure the public of their vital commitment to keeping the planet safe. Medical professionals are at the front-line of the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic in supporting the patients with excellent quality care and treatment.

Therefore, let’s take a minute to say “Thank You” to all healthcare professionals as well as caregivers on this World Health Day, and vow to support them in confronting Novel Coronavirus COVID-19. Because they do too much to each other every day and take care of the patients when we sit on the couch, over here are just a couple of tips we can undoubtedly do to help them succeed with the crisis and smile again.


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Our healthcare heroes are performing their bit to make sure all the patients are receiving the most exceptional treatment and are safe. Let us accomplish our bit by following these simple tips!


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1. World Health Day: Do Not Stay Laid Back

Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 can affect everyone right from kids and expectant women to elderly people. Moreover, if you embrace any medical history of heart disease or suffer from diabetes or respiratory complications, then the severity of the infection is high. Hence, if you feel ill or experience any symptoms such as a fever, cough, sore throat or difficulty in breathing, then do consult your doctor at the earliest.

Do stay indoors (self-quarantine) if you feel ill and contact your doctor to seek medical attention and follow their advice. Neither disregard the signs nor self-medicate.


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2. World Health Day: Take Care Of Your Mental Health

There is no denying that the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has collected a toll on our mental health. And also the lockdown has on top intimidated a lot of people more paranoid, as remaining indoors after a little while can be really annoying and constraining.

To deal with this, maintain a typical schedule and keep yourself (especially your kids and elderly people) busy. Divert attention from the negative thoughts and rekindle your passions.


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3. World Health Day: Do Not Fall Prey To Rumors

Knowledge is power but half-knowledge/wrong knowledge is dangerous. In the current situation, it is equally critical to keep your sanity and not slavishly follow the sensational news or comments on social media. Do not distribute ‘just any forwarded message.’

Only distribute authentic information coming through medical experts. Avoid engaging in a frequency analysis of the number of fatalities. Instead, learn about techniques to defend yourselves, your loved ones and your community.


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4. World Health Day: Take Charge And Be Positive

Just like all of us, people working in the healthcare sectors including doctors and nurses to pharmacists are also striving valiantly to accomplish their bit to serve the people and the country. In fact, they represent the ones who are dealing with numerous patients day-in and out and entering direct contact with Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 patients.

Therefore, individuals who work in either the healthcare sector or those who collaborate with them must be extremely cautious and equally diligent regarding their health.

Therefore, if anyone in your family is involved in attending to Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 patients or is working as a caregiver, it’s time to take charge of their health. Elementary stuff like ensuring sure they eat their food on time, giving them a bit of support at home, ensuring they receive a regular dose of rest and sleep, and promoting energy and enthusiasm to motivate them combat the issue better.


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A slight gesture from their friends and family can speak more than a million words and provide them the pleasing boost to sail through the situation.

5. World Health Day: Do Not Shun Or Discriminate Them

Healthcare workers around the state are by far the most disadvantaged individuals in the war of attrition against Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic based on the latest various TV stories. They are shunned from society and are discriminated against by their familiar and dear ones.

This is completely inaccurate, as healthcare providers such as doctors, nurses or pharmacists represent the ones who are working 24X7 to make sure every COVID-19 positive patient receives proper treatment.


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They represent the ones who are risking their lives to prevent the spread of the infection with timely management and care. Given the mental and physical strain they have to go through on a daily basis, discriminating them from society is not what we, as a responsible citizen, should serve. Make sure you convey them much needed respect and stay away from shunning them from social circles.

Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 is a national health emergency and it is the responsibility of each and every individual to accomplish our bit to prevent the spread of the infection. Do NOT panic, stay on high alert and PLEASE act responsible!

This World Health Day, let’s stand together with our healthcare workers and be the support they deserve to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and constitute our society a better place to live and let live. Thank YOU and God May Bless YOU!

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