Winter Skin Care And Hair Care Tips And Advises Only For You!

Winter Skin Care And Hair Care Tips And Advises Only For You!

Last Updated: 24th July, 2022

Winter Skin Care and Hair Care: Come winter and we’re all ready to win the battle the shivers and diseases of winter. Nevertheless, winter is very much about taking care of your hair and skin, it bears mentioning. The cold air in winters rips off the moisture and makes you more prone to dry skin, cracked heels, melasma, dandruff, frizzy hair, and dry scalp. And this is why we need to be propped up a bit extra to fight these common winter skin care and hair care problems.

The three by far more common and accepted skin and hair issues seen during winter are dry skin, flaking skin, frizzy hair, and dandruff. So to help you fight these problems, here are some of the common skin care and hair care tips and tricks for winter with inputs from the American Academy of Dermatology.


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Winter Skin Care And Hair Care Tips And Advises

1) Winter Skin Care: Dry Skin

A slight change in the temperature and humidity level, which is common during winters, can make you more prone to dry skin. This is because dry air in winters removes moisture from the skin, which causes dryness and can even lead to itchy, flaky skin.

Which is why it might seem a little less effective to take up arms for the dry skin when the same skin care schedule even during the winters. Here are a few simple winter skin care tips to follow this season to fight dry skin.


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  • Use moisturizer religiously, since it retains the residual moisture in the body right after taking a bath.
  • You can even wash your hands and feet after coming back from office and apply moisturizer to retain moisture and help you manage and prevent dry skin.
  • Should be used warm water and prevent scrubbing the skin too much because it can pull out the skin’s humidity and irritate the skin.
  • Avoid the use of scented products as certain skin care products tend to be harsh on the skin and further worsen the condition.
  • Wear gloves and stay warm by layering up are some of the winter skin care tips to beat the winter chills and limit the exposure of the skin to the dry air in winters.

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2) Winter Hair Care: Dry Scalp And Dandruff

One of the common signs and symptoms of a dry scalp is persistent itchiness which can be accompanied by dandruff, soreness, and hair loss. Although there are many causes of a dry scalp and dandruff, it often happens during winters.

This is because dry air during winter depletes the body of moisture and makes you more prone to dry scalp and dandruff. Here are some hair care tips to follow this winter to tackle dandruff and dry scalp.


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  • Opt for gentle and moisturizing shampoos to reduce excessive dryness of the scalp because the use of harsh, chemical-laden shampoos can cause a dry scalp and make you prone to dandruff.
  • Avoid the use of styling products such as gels and hair sprays and also limit the use of a blow dryer which can dry out your hair and scalp.
  • Massage your scalp with hot oil. This is one of the most recommended hair care tips as it can not only alleviate the itchy feeling, but also moisturize the dry scalp thus, helping you fight dry scalp and dandruff.
  • Eat a healthy diet and stay hydrated to ensure proper fluid balance in the body, which in turn can help you deal with dry skin, scalp, and hair during winters.
  • Consult your dermatologist to know the exact cause of the dry scalp if it fails to show any improvement with home care techniques and use of medicated shampoo to fight dandruff.

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3) Winter Hair Care: Frizzy Hair

Come winter and your hair tends to become dry and frizzy. This is because cold air contains less moisture as compared to warm air. As a result, it dries out the hair and causes your strands to frizz.

Hence, it is advised to follow proper hair care tips during winter to tame frizzy hair, which in turn can prevent hair thinning, and hair falls. Here are some hair care tips that can help to keep your hair healthy this season.


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  • Use a conditioner after washing your hair with shampoo at least once a week as it helps seal strands and lock in moisture in the hair thereby helping to prevent dry, frizzy hair.
  • By covering it with a towel, prevent drying your hair. Instead, let your hair dry naturally or wrap your hair in a towel to absorb water.
  • It is not advisable to use a blow dryer, hot comb or curling iron if your hair is already dry and frizzy. It can further damage your hair and lead to hair fall.
  • To comb tenderly, need to use a relatively wide-tooth comb. You do not have to brush 100 strokes a day to style your hair. Also, avoid brushing your hair when it is wet as it can cause friction and lead to hair fall along with drying out the hair.
  • When using a shampoo avoid washing your hair by rubbing the shampoo across the length of your hair as it can damage the hair and make it more frizzy.

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Whether or not, if any of these recommendations about hair care do not demonstrate any difference in subduing those frizzy hair, then it would be sensible to seek advice from your dermatologist to fully understand and address the underlying cause of your condition.

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