What Is Zika Virus Should You Worry Learn Symptoms, Causes And Treatment Better

What Is Zika Virus? Symptoms, Causes And Treatment Better

Last Updated: 24th July, 2022

Zika virus was first identified in the year 1947, in Africa. Despite the fact that its as of late that the entire world has come to aware about it. Zika virus belongs to the family of viruses known as flavi virus and outspread usually through mosquito bites (Aedes egypti – which additionally causes dengue, Chikungunya) amid day time.

A pregnant mother can pass it to her fetus amid pregnancy or around the period of birth. It is also able to spread through sexual contacts. There have additionally been reports that the virus is also able to spread through blood transfusions. There have been flare-ups of Zika virus in the United States, Africa, Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, scattered parts of the Caribbean, and Central and South America.

A pregnant mother can pass it to her fetus amid pregnancy or around the period of birth.

The vast majority who get the virus don’t become sick. One of every five individuals does get the symptoms, which can incorporate a conjunctivitis (pink eye), rash, fever and joint pain. One of every five individuals does get the symptoms, which can incorporate a conjunctivitis (pink eye), rash, fever and joint pain.


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A blood test can confirm, that whether you have the disease. There are no vaccines or drugs to treat it yet. Drinking loads of water (fluids), resting, and taking acetaminophen may help.

Zika may cause microcephaly (a critical birth flaw of the brain) and different other issues in children whose mothers were contaminated while pregnant. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention prescribes that pregnant mothers don’t venture out to regions where there is a Zika virus flare-up. In the event that you do choose to travel, first converse with your doctor, to know what are the measures you should take to prevent getting infected. You ought to likewise be mindful so as to fend off mosquito bites:

  • Use an insect repellent against mosquito bites.
  • Wear garments that spread out your arms, legs, and feet.
  • Remain in places those are comparatively cooler or that uses window and door screens.

Centers For Disease Control And Prevention


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So far instances have been accounted for authoritatively in (a WHO report): Barbados, Bolivia (Plurinational State of Bolivia), Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Curaçao, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Martinique, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Sint Maarten, Suriname, US Virgin Islands, Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela).

Symptoms Of Zika Virus

The following symptoms are indicative features of Zika Virus:

  • Mild fever
  • Rash
  • Joint pain
  • Muscle pain
  • A headache
  • Conjunctivitis

Symptoms Of Zika Virus

It is conceivable that Zika Virus demonstrates no physical symptoms and still be found in a patient.

Common Causes of Zika Virus

The following is the most usual causes of the Virus:


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Other Causes Of Zika Virus

The following is the lesser usual causes of the Virus:

  • Sexual contacts
  • Blood transfusion

Common Causes

Risk Factors For Zika Virus

The following conditions might trigger the probability of the Zika Virus:

  • Tropical and subtropical zones
  • Unprotected sex

Prevention Of Zika Virus

Indeed, it might be conceivable to prevent Zika Virus. Prevention might be conceivable by doing the following:

  • Remain in cooled or very much screened housings.
  • Wear protective garments.
  • Use mosquito repellents on exposed skin and clothing.
  • Remove mosquito abodes.

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Occurrence Of Zika Virus

Number of Cases

The following is the number of Zika Virus cases seen every year around the world:

  • Very uncommon as well as rare under 1,000 cases.

Common Age Group

The Virus can happen at any age.

Common Gender

The Virus can happen in any gender.

The Lab Tests and Methods are utilized to diagnose Virus

The Lab Tests And Methods Are Used To Diagnose Zika Virus

The following are the lab tests and methods are utilized to analyze the Virus:

  • Ultrasound (USG): To identify microcephaly or different anomalies of the brain.
  • Amniocentesis: To check up on the Zika virus.

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Diagnosis Of Zika Virus

Patients should visit the following specials in case they have symptoms of the Virus:

  • Infectious disease specialist


Complications Of The Virus If Unattended

Truly, Zika Virus causes intricacies in the event that it doesn’t deal with. The following is the rundown of complications and issues that may emerge if Zika Virus is left untreated:


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Self-Care For The Virus

The accompanying self-care activities or way of life changes may help in the treatment or the management of Zika Virus:

  • Remain in cool or very much screened housings: Help lessen danger of mosquito bites.
  • Wear protective garments: Help decrease danger of mosquito bites.
  • Use mosquito repellents: Help diminish danger of mosquito bites.

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Time For Treatment Of The Virus

While the time span of treatment for every patient may change, beneath is the common time frame for the Zika Virus to determine whenever treated appropriately under a specialist supervision:

  • Response times are generally within a week.

Time For Treatment Of Zika Virus

Is Zika Virus Infectious?

Indeed, Zika Virus is known to be too infectious. It can spread cross-wise over individuals by means of the following methods:

  • Sexual contacts

On a last note, take great consideration of yourself and your family. It is prudent to abstain from heading out to places affected by the Virus. In the event that it is totally required, ensure you counsel your doctor.

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