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Last Updated: 22nd December, 2020

Welcome To Our Website

Welcome To Our Website, VILab India. We have launched our website today. Shortly we will start to publish articles, which you are looking for! Please stay tuned till then. We will discuss and experiment different information, while simultaneously, we will provide exclusive articles on various topics and subjects.

Security is one of the two most important factors, which is the first priority of any website or blog. Without proper security measures and patches any website is too vulnerable, almost like inviting a hacker to hack your website. Take a look about “The Ultimate WordPress Security Guide 2020 (Stay Secure Online)” article I have composed for the everyone, may it be a beginner or an advanced user. I have covered almost 75% of the common security loopholes which can be easily identified and fixed by anyone, without any technical knowledge.


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The second factor which matters is the website performance. Speed matters! How good or valuable information your website is serving really does not matter if your site does not load in an eye blink. A minimum .4 second loading time makes a huge difference for SEO and ranking of your website. So make sure you have optimized your blog for the optimal speed! Refer to VILab India All In One WordPress Optimization Guide With Cloudflare Integration article on how to optimize any blog or website for performance and speed.


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Speak To Us

We invite you genially to ‘VILab India | InfoSec, Health Care & Infotainment Journal‘, with the desire for a pleasant go to. We intent to pledge important and intuitive contents that you can utilize and hone in a proficient manner.

We would love to hear your conceptions. Feel free to utilize our comments segment on each article, to provide your valuable feedback about our contents.

If you have any other kind of request, then simply visit our Contact page.

Stay tuned till then! Thank you!

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