‘The Cyberthreat Handbook’ Published With Documented ‘Who’s Who’ Of Attackers

‘The Cyberthreat Handbook’ Published With Documented ‘Who’s Who’ Of Attackers

Last Updated: 24th July, 2022

The Cyberthreat Handbook: Thales and Verint have announced the release of The Cyberthreat Handbook, a report designed to provide insights into the most significant groups of global cyber-attackers through detailed rating cards.

The two companies combined to carry out a year-long investigation into the current cyber-threat landscape, observing attack techniques, targeted sectors and attack motives.


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The research details the activities of approximately 60 major groups of cyber-attackers throughout the world, discovering that almost half of the group analyzed were state-sponsored, often aiming to steal sensitive data from targets of geopolitical interest.

Just over a quarter were named as ideologically motivated hacktivists, followed by financially driven cyber-criminals (20%) and cyber-terrorists (5%).

The Cyberthreat Handbook warned that all the worlds major economic, political and military powers are priority targets of cyber-attackers, and that the sectors most targeted are States and their defense capabilities, followed by the financial sector, energy and transportation.


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It has also been observed that an increasing number of hacker groups now focus on vulnerabilities in the supply chain, and in especially on minor partners, suppliers and service providers that are being used as Trojans to surpass potential targets.

Vice President, Executive, Marc Darmon of Secure Communications and Information Systems, Thales, stated: “The experts of Thales and Verint are incredibly proud to publish this report (The Cyberthreat Handbook) today as part of their collaboration on technology innovation and domain expertise. This is the outcome of several months of research, research and exhaustive assessment and discrepancy of relevant data, unparalleled in its scale and scope. Cyber security undoubtedly has a huge role to play as security breaches proliferate and develop over time, specifically for key infrastructure providers.


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Elad Sharon, president, Verint Cyber Intelligence Solutions, added: “This report (The Cyberthreat Handbook) generates unique insights and knowledge to cyber and security experts to mitigate and foresee cyber-attacks.

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