#Security By Sector: FireEye And Claroty Collaborate To Automate ICS/OT Threat Detection And Response, ot, industrial control, cyber threats

#Security By Sector: FireEye And Claroty Collaborate To Automate ICS/OT Threat Detection And Response

Last Updated: 24th July, 2022

FireEye and Claroty: The industrial control industry is one fraught with cybersecurity risks – risks that are well-documented. IT sector is greatly relied upon for various critical processes, including the management and production of water, gas, electricity and transport.

However, it is also an industry that depends heavily on the use of (often) outdated and insecure Operational Control (OT) systems, perfect targets for cyber-criminals seeking to cause havoc.


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Thankfully, a new partnership between FireEye and Claroty, security giant is seeking to help industrial control enterprises improve their response times to OT security incidents, reduce exposure to cyber-risk in both its OT environment and its own security protocols are consistently implemented while detecting cyber threats and responding to OT cyber threats.

The companies announced that Claroty would integrate its Continuous Threat Detection (CTD) solution with FireEye’s Helix solution. Claroty’s CTD strategy allows OT and IoT resources to be discovered on automated industrial management networks, whereas FireEye’s Helix combines divergent security tools and integrates them with SIEM, orchestration as well as threat intelligence capabilities.


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The firms said the integration would allow Helix to consume and integrate OT asset details and alerts from the Claroty platform and provide security staff with a consolidated view of both IT and OT related threats.

Claroty’s resource revelation and threat detection are unparalleled, however, it is equally significant that we empower security engineers to work more intelligently and quickly and effectively by embedding with preeminent platforms such as FireEye Helix,Benny Porat, co-founder and chief product manager of Claroty, made a point of saying.

This collaboration with FireEye means not only that our collective customers receive accurate, advanced warning of possible OT/IoT security threats, but also that they can facilitate their response to make sure speed and accuracy wherever the threat crops up.


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One of its greatest challenges in a security operations center is essential to keep up with the scale of inbound alerts and to implement immediate response protocols,” explained FireEye engineering vice president Phani Modali.

The problem has grown by leaps and bounds with our clients now taking the responsibility for securing IT and OT environments. Integrating the rich, contextual OT data from the FireEye and Claroty platform into FireEye Helix makes this challenge much easier to manage and automate, increasing the ROI of both technologies.

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