Researchers Found Gigantic Mountains 660 KM Beneath Earth's Surface

Researchers Found Gigantic Mountains 660 KM Beneath Earth’s Surface

Last Updated: 24th July, 2022

Researchers have found Gigantic Mountains and other topography on a layer 660 km underneath the earth’s surface that isolates the upper and lower mantle. The disclosure could give researchers a door to see how the planet was shaped.

As per the investigation published in the journal Science, the researchers from the Princeton University in the US and the Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics in China utilized the information created by waves from an enormous seismic tremor in Bolivia to find mountains.


  • Researchers discover massive mountains 660km deep under earth’s surface
  • The precise height of these mountains was not determined
  • The could possibly be bigger than the mountains on the surface of earth

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Tremors that are of magnitude 7.0 or higher conveying shock-waves that can travel out through the center to the opposite side of the planet – and back again. For this examination, the key information was gathered from waves got after a magnitude 8.2 earthquakes shattered Bolivia in 1994.

The seismic tremor is apparently the second-biggest profound earthquake at some point recorded. The researchers replicated the complex behavior of dissipating waves in the deep Earth to incorporate the information.

Researchers have found gigantic mountains and other topography on a layer 660 km underneath the earth's surface that isolates the upper and lower mantle.

Similarly, as light waves, earthquake waves travel through homogenous rocks, however reflect or refract when they experience any limit or harshness. “We realize that practically all objects have surface roughness and in this manner scatter light. That is the reason we can see these objects – the dissipating waves convey the data about the surface’s harshness. In this examination, we researched scattered seismic waves, making a trip inside the Earth to constrain the harshness of the Earth’s 660-km boundary,” Wenbo Wu, co-author of the investigation, stated.


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The researchers, in any case, were not ready to correctly decide the height of the mountains. It is assumed that these mountains are greater than anything on the surface of the Earth. It was likewise revealed that the roughness of the mountains was not equally circulated.

The analysts reportedly analyzed a layer 410 kilometers down, at the highest point of the mid-mantle “transition zone,” and did not discover comparative harshness.

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