PV Sindhu Feels Humiliated In India, Women Get A Lot Of Respect Abroad #MeToo

PV Sindhu Feels Humiliated In India, Women Get Respect Abroad: #MeToo

Last Updated: 28th August, 2022

PV Sindhu Feels Humiliated: As the #MeToo development picking up its energy in India, a great deal of shock and disclosures have advanced toward the headlines. The most recent big name to make her position is the pro Indian Shuttler, PV Sindhu.

PV Sindhu, The Olympic Medalist was on an occasion called ‘SH (OUT) – Sexual Harassment OUT: We are listening’, sorted out by the Hyderabad Police where she talked about the equivalent finally. “It is an unwanted or unwelcome sexual behavior which makes a person feel humiliated, offended or intimidated. It can be physical, verbal, non-verbal or written. The current #MeToo movement has brought in a lot of awareness recently about the sexual harassment of women in the workplace. This movement has educated people of all genders about the responsibilities towards society.

PV Sindhu likewise made a point about how she feels women get a great deal of regard in outside nations, be that as it may, in India there just a couple of individuals who try to do, they say others should do, “Whenever I have been travelling abroad, there I have seen a lot of respect and privacy towards women… Well, in India, people actually tell us about women that we should respect women, but I think there are very rare people that are actually practicing it… It’s just that they just say it, but don’t practice it.

In any case, the Shuttler likewise feels that the Indian culture has ‘Totally Changed’ presently. “Earlier it was like women should not work and stay at home, but now the society has completely changed. It is said that people of all genders are equal. I think the women have to be strong and we have to believe in ourselves.

On the occasion, the Hyderabad Police Commissioner, Anjani Kumar shared that the point of ‘SH (OUT) – Sexual Harassment OUT: We are listening’ is to spread mindfulness crosswise over working women in all divisions about lewd behavior and the sort of measures that can be taken for its counteractive action.

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