Parineeti Chopra Gets Frank About Her Recess, Shares Her Weight Loss Venture

Last Updated: 27th August, 2022

Bollywood on-screen actress Parineeti Chopra joined the film business in 2012 with Ishaqzaade, antipode Arjun Kapoor. The film was an extraordinary stepping-stone to begin to her vocation as she likewise proceeded to pack a National Award for it.

After Kill Dill in 2014, the entertainer all of a sudden vanished from the cinema and wound up taking a two-year recess from movies. Amid an ongoing talk show, Pari opened up about what made her enjoy a reprieve from the Bollywood and how she went through those two years.


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The Kesari entertainer uncovered that her issues with being Obesity repelled her from the celluloid. “I was excessively fat. I had begun looking downright awful,” Parineeti stated. “One fine sunny morning I saw a snap of myself, and I got truly terrified. I took a gander at myself, and I didn’t perceive myself. This isn’t a 26-year-old young lady. I reserve no privilege to resemble this, particularly on the off chance that I am an entertainer. What’s more, around then, one film of mine had tumbled, moreover. So it only sorts of triggering it.

Parineeti Chopra opened up about her recess and what made her enjoy a reprieve from Bollywood, while returning with Jabariya Jodi on 12th July.

I resembled, ‘OK, this is the correct time to take a recess. I am not going to shoot anything for a half-year. I am getting down to business on myself and just recalibrate’,” Parineeti included. She further uncovered that amid her break, she was occupied with setting home another new home too.


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I thought this was the best thing – I’m getting down to business out and focus on my home,” she stated.

Presently, as Parineeti Chopra is back, the actor is at present occupied with consecutive movies. She had verifiable dramatization Kesari as her last trip, which matched her antipode Akshay Kumar. She is presently preparing for the release of Jabariya Jodi by Prashant Singh, antipodes Sidharth Malhotra. The film is slated to hit the big screens on 12th July.

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