Motion Sickness Illness Caused By Motion During Travel. How To Avoid

Motion Sickness: Illness Caused By Motion During Travel. How To Avoid?

Last Updated: 24th July, 2022

Motion Sickness is a sensation of disequilibrium and simply an illness caused by motion during travel. It typically happens once you take public transport, ship, passenger jet, or fast train. The sensory organs of your body direct your brain conflicting messages, triggering nausea, dizziness, and sometimes lightheadedness. Early in their lifetime, a few other people recognize that they have been vulnerable to the condition.

As the name suggests, motion sickness is nothing but a sensation of throwing up and discomfort that one feels while traveling by road, air or sea. It thus actually occurs on something like a long journey in general and especially, however, some individuals might also encounter while shorter trips.


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What Causes Motion Sickness?

Motion sickness is usually caused by a disturbance in the inner ear. It typically happens once you take public transport, ship, passenger jet, or fast train. This is followed by a sensation of feeling disturbed and discomfort in the stomach and head.

It is not just kids, but even adults face motion sickness when travelling in a public transport, ship, passenger jet, or fast train. And this is the reason, why most people fear going for a long vacation by travelling in a car or bus.

So if you are facing motion sickness and don’t want to spoil your holidays, here are a few quick and simple ways to avoid it and enjoy your vacation with fun and frolic.


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Motion Sickness: Tips To Follow Before Travel

  1. Try not to think too much about the journey beforehand. Think about the fun you will have after reaching your destination as this will help in diverting your mind and help you to calm before starting off the journey.
  2. Wear loose and comfortable clothes as it helps to breathe your body and skin. Avoid tight-fitting and uncomfortable dresses and jeans. The more fresh air you breathe in, the more the better you might feel.
  3. Avoid applying strong perfumes or lotions before and during the journey as the strong smell can worsen your situation.
  4. Prevent journeying on an empty or too stuffed stomach. Before making a beeline into a vehicle, do have some shallow salty biscuits to soothe your stomach.
  5. Avoid alcohol a day or a few hours before your journey, if you have a habit of drinking. The same rule applies while travelling in a car/bus/train.
  6. Do not drink tea, coffee or milk or too much water as it might cause you to throw up due to the discomfort in the stomach.

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Motion Sickness: Tips During Travel

  1. While traveling by car, sit in the front seat and look at the distant scenery. You can even close your eyes and relax.
  2. To have a consistent fresh air circulation, leave your car windows partially open. It is one of the best ways to soothe the discomfort and nauseated feelings which is common when the windows are closed.
  3. Stare straight and don’t look at your back or side as it allows to focus the mind and reduce the movement’s effect to your brain.
  4. Don’t even read or navigate your mobile as it may cause you to become much more nauseous and cause further aggravation of the condition.
  5. Attempt to deflect your attention and continue talking with your Co travelers. In an automobile/subway train/flight, you should participate in dumcharades, antakshari, or card games as it holds your mind occupied and prevents you from stressing of your motion sickness.
  6. Don’t even smoke and therefore do not encourage your co-vacationers to start smoking in order to avoid needless traveling discomfort.
  7. Both before and during a trip, stay well away from greasy and spicy junk food. The aroma of rich, high calorie food might induce the sensation of nausea.
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  9. Keep a little spiced ginger, crisp or defrosted, and stay munching small pieces every time you think a little unwell. It might also make you feel better to sniff some lemon zest.
  10. In one go, do not drink a lot of water. To quiet down the urge to vomit up right, always stay sipping lemon water and/or sugar water in periods of time.
  11. Just have some black pepper scratched with oranges. It can also make a difference to munch on a whole green cardamom.
  12. Saunf or Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) is a spice used to treat nausea which is an effective treatment for the motion sickness. Munch Saunf on your trip time to time.
  13. Find a way to keep a few little tamarind dumplings close at hand with you – and take some honey dumplings as slurping them can help to relieve your unpleasantness.
  14. Breathe deeply at frequent intervals and do a little relaxation exercises to relieve the discomfort and make you feel better and comfortable.
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  16. Manage to take naps at periods of time if you end up looking when you are unable to simply ignore the impulse or feel a strong urge that you might be puking.
  17. You might consider acupressure as well. Envision three finger thicknesses in the inner arm from the rim of your wrist. Create pressure to this exact place with your thumb and retain it there for a while. Do this repeatedly. That would be the nausea acupressure point and appears to work well in decreasing the symptoms of motion sickness for the most individuals.
  18. However, if you are traveling by car, take frequent breaks since it can benefit you can get out of this immediate vicinity. Step outside and elongate your muscles to unwind and enjoy the fresh air before you get on your trip.
  19. Since nothing tends to work, from your doctor’s advice, you may consider taking some medication to minimize motion sickness. Do not treat yourself since it can lead to undesirable side effects.

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Motion Sickness: Tips for Air and Water Travel

Since you are going to travel by water and air together with the preceding tips, continue to follow the above-mentioned words of advice:

  1. Manage to take a middle seat while planning to travel on an passenger jet or fast train to prevent staring out the window. That’s because if you stare outside, you might indeed feel nauseous, particularly when the airplane is moving up or down.
  2. Additionally, tend to avoid a rear seat since in this zone of the passenger jet or fast train, you might experience too much jerking.
  3. Once seat belt indicators are off, start moving your head, legs or take a stroll. Doing so will distract your mind and make you slightly less nauseous.
  4. If you’re traveling by ship, consider sitting at the front or center of the deck near the water’s edge. The simple fact these places are confronted with fewer movements.

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Motion sickness is really not a life threatening medical condition in any way and can be avoided easily with the above-mentioned tips and steps properly. Take every precaution and keep in mind that inevitably you’re going to feel great. Take great care of your cruise and cherish it!

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