Microsoft Edge New Features Will Make You Leave Google Chrome

Last Updated: 27th August, 2022

Microsoft Edge: Microsoft recently revealed a number of forthcoming most recent additions for it’s all new Edge web browsers. Sync extension across platforms, search on the sidebar and improved control of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are currently on the roadmap. Microsoft announced its current line-up of traits for Edge at the BUILD 2020 Conference, which might be rolling out to developers in the upcoming days.

To begin with, the new Edge has extension sync that allows you to synchronize every add-on including extensions across computer devices utilizing the Microsoft Edge web browser with your account logged into. It was among the aspects where Edge’s expectations in the web browser are still only hooking up with Google Chrome, but that would be going to change too.


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Within those Edge settings, the Extension sync option is available inside the Sync menu, and you’ll have the option to activate or disable it. We don’t know if this might function with all the extensions yet – but the assumption is that this will.

Microsoft has equally made Progressive Web Apps work a bit better on Edge now. The recent update will allow Edge to open PWAs in a standalone menu and Windows 10 users will be able to add these apps to the Start Menu and the Taskbar. “We’re working on updates to make this integration even superbly smoother-you’ll be capable to manage them from settings, employ them to share (and receive shared content), and more,” Microsoft stated.


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Microsoft has equally made the Sidebar more powerful for quick web searches. The recent implementation will allow users to select any word or text on the web page, choose the ‘Search In Sidebar’ option from the right-click menu and see the search results in the sidebar without closing the already open web page or having to switch tabs or open another window.

The Edge web browser is on top getting the automatic profile switching feature. As the name suggests, Automatic Profile Switching will detect if you are trying to explore a site, you usually visit from your work profile, but instead you are using your personal profile this time – and Microsoft Edge will prompt you about the detection.


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If you respond in the affirmative, Edge makes the switch automatically from that particular website. All the profiles and their data will also be synced across devices, depending on which accounts you sign in with on your phone, laptop and tablet, for example.

According to the latest numbers by research firm Netmarketshare, Microsoft Edge (Download Officially Now!) now has 6.44% share among desktops and PCs and growing, while Firefox isn’t far ahead with 8.21% share. It is however some way to achieve Google Chrome, though, which has cornered 68.06% share.

But that could change because Microsoft has confirmed that the new Edge will roll out to all Windows 10 users in the upcoming weeks. This plan was confirmed in January itself, and we will promptly see the new Edge being made available via Windows Update—this will be for all Windows 10 machines except enterprise and education ones.

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