Love 7 Awesome Health Benefits Of Love Every Day!

Love: 7 Awesome Health Benefits Of Love Every Day!

Last Updated: 24th July, 2022

Love (Health Benefits Of Being In Love) represents not just the feeling of being weak in the knees and stars in the eyes. It is more than those mushy talks on the phone and being pampered all the time. Of the many perks of being in love, not many knows that it can be a boon for you and your partner’s health. Over here are some of the scientifically backed benefits of falling in love with your mind and body!

Almost every couple who falls in love and aptly so because being in love is the most delightful feeling ever! (If you aren’t sure, then ask your friend/s in love).


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Love: 7 Awesome Health Benefits Of Love Every Day!

Love is not just a four letter word, but a term that is known to connect people mentally, emotionally and physically. However, what is less explored are the health benefits of being in a romantic and healthy relationship. Here is what research has to say about the positive effects of love on not just the heart but overall health.

1. Health Benefits Of Love: Helps You Live Longer

When you fall in love, there are numerous chemical reactions that happen in the body which in turn is known to have a positive effect. Numerous research studies have revealed that people who are in a happy and stable relationship tend to live longer. Married people have a relatively lower risk of morbidity and mortality as compared to unmarried ones.


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This could be due to the presence of Oxytocin, often called the “cuddle hormone”, which helps to lower blood pressure, decrease stress and even boost immunity.

2. Health Benefits Of Love: Keep You Stress-free

Being in love is undoubtedly an ecstatic feeling that helps in the release of happy hormones, also known as endorphins. The release of hormones such as oxytocin not only makes you feel good, but also lowers the level of cortisol, a stress hormone, in the body.

Moreover, the acts of physical contact such as hugging, kissing and cuddling further boost the release of oxytocin.


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3. Health Benefits Of Love: Lower Your Blood Pressure

According to a study published in the Journal Annals of Behavioral Medicine, people in love and those in a happy marriage had lower blood pressure as compared to those who are single. However, if you are in a bad marriage or unhappy relationship, then there are high chances that this effect might not be the same.

But given the fact that people in love tend to be happy and have an improved blood circulation of happy hormones, the blood pressure tends to be in control.


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4. Health Benefits Of Love: Cuts Down Anxiety

Most people believe that being in love and a healthy relationship is good for the heart, but what is less understood is its effects on mental health. And one such condition is anxiety. A 2012 study, reported that people in love experience less anxiety issues.

In the study, scientists took brain scans of people in love and those in long-term committed relationships and found that being in love activated that part of the brain associated with intense love and happiness, which in turn overpowers the symptom.


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5. Health Benefits Of Love: Helps Beat Depression

Depression and dysfunctional marital relationships occasionally end-up in tandem. However, what is interesting is that studies have revealed that being in a healthy relationship can help you fight depression.

This is because, being loved by someone and sharing your feelings with your partner not only helps you to fight loneliness, but also provides you the much needed emotional strength. According to research, being in love releases happy hormones, which helps beat depression and stay strong mentally.


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6. Health Benefits Of Love: Promote Healing

Don’t be surprised when someone says love can heal because it has been proved scientifically. A study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry revealed that wounds heal faster in couples who are in a stable and loving relationship and vice versa.

So if you are in a bad marriage or abusive relationship, then there is an increased release of pro-inflammatory compounds, which not only up your risk of inflammation but also prolong the natural healing process. So being in love is actually good for your health!


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7. Health Benefits Of Love: Improve Quality Of Life

It goes without saying that a happier you equals a happier life. So when you are in love, there is a sudden surge of happy hormones. And this is not just obvious, but also proved scientifically. Research has shown a strong link between being in love and happy to a healthy and happy life.

A 2017 study proved that happiness depends more on the quality of family relationships than on the level of income. Somebody somewhere justifiably said, “happiness can not be bought by money.


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Being in love or being loved is a wonderful feeling that should not be restricted to a single day. However, what everyone needs to understand is that being in a loving and healthy relationship is the key to being healthy both physically and mentally.

Wish you All a Very Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyday!

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