Joaquin Phoenix Starrer ‘Joker’ By Todd Phillips Sweeps Box Office For USD 900 Million

Last Updated: 27th August, 2022

The blow by Joaquin Phoenix starrer ‘Joker‘ and Todd Phillips was overwhelming. Joaquin Phoenix starrer Joker has not slowed to a crawl at all, and that has become the top-grossing R-rated movie of all time.

The film’s continued success has fans wondering and hoping if the film might even cross the 1 billion dollar mark. The latest box office development of the Joker has brought the film closer to this dream.


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The Hollywood Reporter revealed that the Joaquin Phoenix starter Joker had approximately made 290 million dollars in the United States and made more than 600 million dollars in the worldwide arena. For now, trade analysts have predicted for the film’s theatrical run to go up to 950 million dollars.

The current numbers were revealed on Friday. Warner Bros is expected to release the full figures of the weekend on Monday addressing the 900 million-dollars win.

Warners may also declare the breakthrough of $900 million early Sunday when the weekend figures are released. Tomorrow, that movie (Joker) would then peak with an approx of $920 million or maybe more.


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Which also takes into account everything except mopping up North America’s $300 million cutoff, where it would be set to win the league in its fifth weekend.

Joaquin Phoenix starrer Joker has surpassed Spider-Man 3 ($895 million) to rank as No. 13 in aspects of any and all-time highest-grossing superhero movies, albeit inflation adjusted.

And that’s the any and all-time highest grossing fourth-top DC tag there next to Aquaman ($1.14bn), The Dark Knight Rises ($1.08bn) as well as The Dark Knight ($1bn), albeit inflation adjusted.


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Joaquin Phoenix starrer Joker had earlier been confirmed to be a stand-alone film before its release. After the winning performance of Phoenix, audiences have been expecting to have a sequel in the works.

Earlier Joaquin Phoenix had also stated that the role of The Joker is one that he would eagerly be happy to return in the future.

Bron Studios and Village Roadshow both have a vested interest in Joaquin Phoenix starrer Joker of 25 percent.

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