James Bond 25 Daniel Craig To Resume Filming Within 7 Days Since His Lower Leg Injury

James Bond 25: Daniel Craig To Resume Filming Within 7 Days Since His Lower Leg Injury

Last Updated: 16th May, 2019

James Bond 25: Recently, Bond 25’s filming hit a hitch as Daniel Craig wounded himself after falling on the sets. It has been accounted for that the superstar is ‘irate‘ after the incident, and he is at present in New York, receiving treatment.

In any case, new reports stated that the torn ligament in his lower leg wasn’t as extreme as it was presumed and that he will continue filming within 7 days. Get going with his work again will allegedly not intensify his injury.


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Things were regarded to be a fiasco at first. Be that as it may, the damage isn’t as extreme as anticipated and he will probably be able to film while not overexerting his lower leg. Daniel was angry that he had endured damage subsequent to invest months getting into prime physical shape,” a source disclosed to The Sun, including that “He’s going to be back on set in the week.” The same surgeon who worked on British footballer Harry Kane‘s ankle injury reportedly examined Craig for X-rays after Craig had flown over to New York.

James Bond 25 will resume filming within a week!

Craig had experienced a number of injuries since he took over James Bond’s role. In 2005, he endured a hit in his face while playing out his first historically speaking stunt as the character, in Casino Royale. He had lost two of his teeth, and a dental specialist must be called into the location of the film for fixing the caps in his mouth.


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Amid the shoot of Quantum of Solace, he had torn a muscle in his shoulder and had even harmed his ribs. The shooting of Specter as well saw him winding up on a surgery table after knee damage.

Reports stated that this time Daniel had harmed himself amid the shooting of a scene where he is running after somebody by walking. Metro UK cited sources as saying that the superstar might have been “in a considerable amount of suffering and was whining about his lower leg.

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