Home Pregnancy Test Kits How, When And Why Is It To Be Used

Home Pregnancy Test Kits: How, When And Why Is It To Be Used?

Last Updated: 24th July, 2022

Home Pregnancy Test Kits: Do you skip your period and wondering if you’re pregnant? Does the uncertainty kill you? If so, perhaps with the assistance of home pregnancy test kits, you might want to examine yourself first.

Before you get confused further, here is everything you require to know about home pregnancy test kits, right from what it signifies to how to utilize it and when to use it.


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What Are Home Pregnancy Test Kits?

As the name suggests, home pregnancy test kits let you know if you are pregnant or not with a simple test performed at home. These kits are locally available at any chemist shop near you or online. You can buy these test kits without prescription (hence known as over the counter pregnancy test kits) and test yourself for pregnancy at the comfort of you place.

These home kits measure the presence of a hormone known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) in the urine. Unlike the laboratory test for pregnancy confirmation, these tests are qualitative test, which only measures the presence of the hormone and reveal the test results are positive or negative.


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Types Of Home Pregnancy Test Kits

There are an extensive range of pregnancy kits available in India, which can be broadly divided into 2 major types – test strips and test sticks.These tests are available in the market in a price range of Rs. 50 to Rs. 100. You don’t need to spend more than you have to on pregnancy strips since you are anyways going to throw it away after a single use.

1. Pregnancy Test Strips

These test kits are the most commercially available and used home test kits to detect pregnancy. Some of the brands that sell pregnancy test strips are Prega News, Velocit quick pregnancy test and I can.

How To Use It: A packet of the pregnancy test strip contains a test cassette and a dropper. To test yourself, collect your urine in a disposable cup. With the help of a dropper, place a few drops of it in the well of the strip and wait for 3-5 mins before reading the result.


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2. Pregnancy Test Sticks

These are not as commonly available as test strips but you can undoubtedly find them online. Some of the brands that sell pregnancy test sticks are Prega News Advance and Velocit Eazy.

How To Use It: A packet of pregnancy test stick contains a stick with one end to hold the test and the other on which you can urinate. To test yourself, remove the cap from the absorbent side of the stick. Hold the test firmly from the other end.


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Let the first few drops of your urine fall and then hold the device in the midstream. However, if you feel uncomfortable to do, hold the stick and pee on it, you can collect the urine in a cup and dip the stick in it for a few minutes for the results appear.

Note: Always buy 2 pregnancy strips at once because if you get a false negative result, you can take the 2nd test around 2-3 days after your first test to verify.

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How To Check Home Pregnancy Test Kits Results?

No matter which home pregnancy test kits you buy always test yourself with the first urine after you wake up in the morning. The reason being it is the most concentrated one and the chances of obtaining a positive result is high when you undergo the test at this time. The test results are displayed in the middle of the stick/strip and here it what it signifies.

If a single pink line shows up, it means the result is negative and you are not pregnant.

If both the pink lines show up, the result is positive and it indicates you are pregnant. This holds true even when the 2nd line is faint.


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In case there is no line, it means that your test is invalid and you need to conduct the test again. An invalid test can be due to various reasons like wrong technique; the kit has expired, dropping too less urine or just because the test was faulty. Undergo the test with another kit in such a case.

If you get a faint 2nd line on your test, it could mean you are pregnant. A faint line can be due to low hormone level because you are early in your pregnancy. Wait for a few days and conduct the test again. If you, however consider a doubt, consult a doctor and get a blood test done to be on the more certain side.


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Home Pregnancy Test Kits: Tips To Keep In Mind

Taking a pregnancy test may look quite easy, but there are some of the most common mistakes we all make while doing that. Here are some of the common mistakes we make while taking a pregnancy test at home and how it avoids it.

Conducting The Test Too Early: The home pregnancy tests can indicate positive results only when you conduct the test around 2 weeks after you conceive. Taking a test too early will return negative results to you.


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Hence, if you experience regular periods, then the fittest time to conduct the test is one day after missing your period. However, if you experience irregular periods, then the fittest time is to conduct the test is three weeks after your sexual intercourse.

Conducting The Test Later In The Day: Pregnancy tests should always be done first thing in the morning with the first urine of the day. This is because your first urine is the most concentrated. As you proceed with your day, your urine becomes diluted increasing the chance of getting a false negative.

Waiting For Less Time For The Results To Appear: Wait for at least 5 minutes before reading the results. That’s how long it takes for the hormones in your urine to react with the test strip. Reading the test too early can convey you a false negative result.


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Conducting The Test After Taking Certain Medications: Certain fertility treatments cause elevated hormone levels. Taking a test while you are on these medications can result in a false positive test. Consult your doctor before undergoing the test to know if your treatment can affect the test.

Not Following Up After The Home Test: Inevitably follow up your pregnancy test. If you received a negative result, make sure you repeat the test after 3-4 days to know the status. If you receive a positive test, follow up with your doctor for a blood test to confirm your pregnancy.

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