Green Diwali 8 Wonderful Ideas To Celebrate An Eco-Friendly Diwali Festival Of Light Eco-friendly

Green Diwali: 8 Wonderful Ideas To Celebrate An Eco-Friendly Diwali

Last Updated: 24th July, 2022

Green Diwali: Diwali (2019), the festival of light to illuminate and enlighten the soul! Oh yes! I simply love to feel the festivity in the air. Indeed, I love Diwali but scared too! To breathe the polluted air and getting choked again like last year. Also, I don’t the street dogs to get affected by the noise of the crackers. There are many kids like as well as adults who are scared to face this festival, which was once a beautiful festival of lights.

But by choosing to celebrate festival of light this year, you will surely make a difference. Not only in terms of bursting crackers, you can celebrate your Diwali responsibly with minimal environmental consequences. Wondering how? We have got you covered!


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Here are 8 wonderful ideas to celebrate an eco-friendly Green Diwali by sharing all happiness and peace.

1. Burst Hunger Around You And Not Crackers This Green Diwali

The Supreme Court’s move to ban firecrackers in Delhi/NCR is indeed a great move to at least prevent the rise in toxicity in the air. In support of this movement, this Diwali let’s create something new. Give food to the needy preferably fresh and not leftovers. Their smiling face is sure to make this festival your day.

2. Go Earthy For This Green Diwali

When you go to market for festive shopping, it is very difficult to resist yourself from buying those eye-catching lights. But hold on to your urge. Why not buy earthen lamps and diyas? This will not only reduce the consumption of electricity, the flickering diyas will look prettier too. Wheat dough, clay, coconut shells and seashells are some beautiful options for diyas. You can also use scented oil to combine the festivity with a bit of aromatherapy that can relax you.


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3. Give A Twist To Your Green Diwali Rangoli

Have you ever tried making the Rangoli using colored pulses, turmeric powder, rice flour and red kumkum? If not, do try them this Green Diwali and see what a stunning Rangoli you can design out of these. With pulses in your Rangoli, it can also be food for small birds. Use fresh, bright colored flowers like rose, chrysanthemums as well as leaves to bring in that lovely fragrance. You can use them the next day to make compost for your garden.

4. Green Gifts For Green Diwali

Allow the sweet-boxes full of sugar a skip this Diwali and offer a plant and instead set up an entire new trend. You can even choose jute bags, khadi clothes, hand-made candles and diyas, organic gift baskets, gourmet coffees and much more. You can also give an assorted basket of herbal products for personal care. Rather than shiny plastic wrappings, remember to pack the presents in newspapers.

5. Donate To The Helpless, Poor, Sick And Needy This Green Diwali

Go through your closet and wardrobe. You may find at least few pair of clothes that no longer fits you or you don’t wear anymore. Gift them to people who cannot afford to buy clothes. Not only clothes, you can even donate accessories/shoes and even the extra gifts you may receive on the festival of light. This Diwali brings a smile to the helpless, poor, sick, needy, which is in actual far brighter than that of any festive illumination.


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6. How About Some Homemade Sweets This Green Diwali?

This Green Diwali, how about making some healthier and tastier sweets and savories at home instead of buying those calorie loaded sweets from the sweet-shops? You can opt for the humble and simple Kheer that needs just milk, rice and some sugar. Or go for the delicious Gajar ka Halwa – packed with nutrients and mouth-watering taste.

7. Give An Eco-Friendly Touch To Your Party This Diwali

Planning a Diwali party at home and thinking to do something out of the box? Then surprise your guests by serving delicacies on biodegradable and earthenware utensils. It will save you from later cleaning those absurdly expensive crockeries as well as from using such plastic dish and glasses that can be disposed of. Welcome beverages and tea served alongside in kullads and food presented on bamboo leaves or banana leaf plates are fantastic ways to make your party feel more environmentally sensitive!


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8. Carry Your Own Shopping Bags This Green Diwali

Shopping, shopping and loads of shopping! That also means carrying home not just what you have shopped, but also the plastic bags they would be stuffed in. Kindly help the environment with some favor and carry your own bags next time you head for shopping.

This Diwali, don’t just increase pollution, diabetes and your credit card bills. Spread love, make someone smile and save your planet. “I dearly wish everyone a happy, safe and secure Green Diwali.

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