Google Plus Closing Down On 2 April, Here’s How To download Your Data Today

Google Plus Closing Down On 2nd April, Here’s How To download Your Data

Last Updated: 25th December, 2022

It’s been a lengthy, difficult experience, however Google+ Plus is at long last going to kiss this world farewell. The altering social network is losing its customer genre very soon, and now we got at last explicit dates. The consumers genre of Google+ finishes on 2nd April, 2019.

After first declaring a genuinely charitable timeline of closures for closing the genre down, Google+ Plus saw its dusk accelerated significantly following a second security bug was uncovered and affected millions. Obviously, Google is squandering no time in cleaning Google+ Plus up on the web. The number is quite substantial, for 52.5 million Google+ Plus Accounts!

Disclosing today on the organization’s support pages, Google+ Plus is closing down for consumers on 2nd April, 2019. As initially expressed, Google is shutting the stage because of “low use” and the “challenges involved with maintaining a successful product that meets… expectations.”

On 2nd April, your Google+ Plus account and any Google+ pages you created will be shut down and we will begin deleting content from consumer Google+ accounts. Photos and videos from Google+ Plus in your Album Archive and your Google+ Plus pages will also be deleted. You can download and save your content, just make sure to do so before April. The process of deleting content from consumer Google+ Plus accounts, Google+ Plus Pages, and Album Archive will take a few months, and content may remain through this time.

Google says that a few highlights attached to Google+ will be executed off when one week from now. On 4th February, the genre will never again acknowledge new profiles, pages, communities, or events. Blogger will likewise drop Google+ Plus remarks on this date, and that functionality will begin being expelled from different sites on 7th March.

Likewise, in March, Google says that Google+ Community moderators/owners will almost certainly secure extra instruments for downloading information, including the author, body, and photographs in each community post in a public community.

At long last, on 2nd April, the consumer genre of Google+ will be shut down completely. Except if you have a G Suite account, you’ll never again have the capacity to get to Google+, and information will begin being erased. This incorporates the majority of your posts, pages, and photographs and videos that aren’t as of now supported up to Google Photos. The APIs and Google+ sign-in buttons that Google began impairing this year will likewise stop working.

If you were an avid Google+ Plus user, you’ll probably want to take the time to download all of your data from the platform.

How To Download All Your Google+ Plus Data

Google is enabling users to download the archive of the whole Google+ information, including content from circles, communities and even +1s. The archive additionally incorporates your pictures and videos transferred on Google+. Follow the steps, to safely download your data today!

  1. Visit the Download Data page and make sure all the data is pre-selected.
  2. Choose the file type.
  3. Select the download format depending upon your preferences.
  4. Click on create archive.
  5. You are also able to download specific Google+ data.

G Suite Users and Admins

Make a note that Google isn’t closing down for enterprise clients. Truth be told, Google says it will keep on making investments in Google+ for enterprise clients.

“This means that for those of you who use Google+ Plus as part of G Suite, your accounts will remain active. G Suite users include businesses who pay for its services and educational institutions and other organizations that use G Suite at no cost,” the organization said in a blog entry.

Google distributed a support charter on 30th January, 2019 specifying the organization’s shutdown gets ready for Google+:

  • February 4th, 2019 – Options to create new Google+ profiles, Google+ pages, communities, or events are disabled.
  • February 4th, 2019 – Google+ commenting options on Blogger will be removed.
  • Coming weeks – Google+ sign in buttons will be removed or replaced with Google Sign-in buttons.
  • Early March 2019 – Additional download options are provided that include author, body, and photos for community posts in public communities.
  • March 7th, 2019 – Google+ commenting options on other sites will be removed.
  • April 2nd, 2019 – Google+ account and Google+ pages will be shut down. Deletion of content from consumer Google+ accounts starts.

Facebook Rivalry

It ought to be recollected that Google+ was proposed to be an adversary to the powerful Facebook (notwithstanding Google’s cases despite what might be expected).

The Google+ landing saw it supplant its past manifestation, to be specific Google Buzz.

At the point when Google+ was launched on June 2011, things appeared to be at first encouraging, however the fact of the matter was the stage never verged on coordinating the quantity of users that Facebook delighted in.

In reality, as Facebook’s development proceeded unchecked throughout the years, it appeared that Google+ was by and large unobtrusively resigned by the search engine mammoth.

Matters were not helped when Vivek “Vic” Gundotra, the man in charge of Google+, resigned from his position in April 2014 in the midst of gossipy tidbits that Google was downsizing its long range social networking venture.

Google had likewise irritated numerous users when it coordinated YouTube accounts with Google+. It later held that choice.

In any case, the search engine gave Google+ a face-lift in 2015 as the firm looked to keep moving its concentrate far from people and more towards personal interests and networks.

However, regardless of that, Google+ attempted to draw in new users outside of a committed fan base, settling on its choice to pull the fitting on the consumer genre a simple one to make.


Unmistakably Google+ did not execute just as Google trusted it would; the social network never figured out how to increase enough footing to set up itself as a Facebook contender in spite of Google’s endeavors to push the administration using all its marketing force and some sketchy – some may state exploitative – practices.

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