Eye Pain Or Ophthalmalgia Common Causes Of Eye Pain You Must Be Aware Of!

Eye Pain Or Ophthalmalgia: Common Causes Of Eye Pain You Must Be Aware Of!

Last Updated: 24th July, 2022

Eye Pain or Ophthalmalgia could be a common infection that causes discomfort in and round the eyes. Medically, it is referred as ophthalmalgia. If the pain is on the eye surface, it’s referred to as ocular pain and if the pain is present in the eye it’s known as orbital pain. In most cases, eye pain might subside to while not the utilization of any medication or treatment.

However, in rare cases, it could be a sign of an underlying serious disease. If you undergo severe eye pain together with issues in vision, then do consult your doctor straight away.


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What Causes Eye Pain Or Ophthalmalgia?

Usually, eye surface pain or ophthalmalgia is caused by foreign object irritation, trauma, or infection. And sometimes with eye drops or rest, this kind of ophthalmalgia is effectively treated. Deeper eye pain or ophthalmalgia might feel traumatic, quirky, stabbing, or throbbing within the eye. This type of eye pain might need to be treated more thoroughly.

What Causes Eye Pain Or Ophthalmalgia


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Due to an underlying medical condition, ophthalmalgia might have caused that aren’t really. Instances are including rubbing eyes, sustained screen time, incorrect prescription for eyeglasses, getting something stuck in the eye or swimming in a chlorinated pool.

The Most Common Causes Of Ocular Eye Pain Or Ophthalmalgia Include:

Foreign Particles: One of several common reasons of eye pain or ophthalmalgia is that when a foreign object tickles the eyes. These can cause irritation in the eyes along with redness and pain in the eyes. Beauty products, eyelids, dirt, and irritants are frequently reported foreign particles that might affect the eyes. Moreover, wearing contact lenses overnight or not disinfecting the lenses properly can even cause eye pain and irritation.


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Eye Injury: An injury caused in and round the eye could well cause extreme pain. It can be because of minor scratches once hit by a ball or deep wounds following an accident. This can cause irritation, pain, and swelling of the eyes. Chemicals burns associated eye injury caused because of exposure to irritants like bleaches, acids, or alkaline products can harm the eyes and you might need immediate medical attention.

Eye Injury


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Conjunctivitis: It is a condition which causes inflammation of the conjunctiva, the tissue that lines the front of the eye. It could be due to an allergic reaction or an infection caused by a virus or a bacteria. Conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye, can also cause itchiness, redness and watery eyes.

Conjunctivitis Ophthalmalgia


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Blepharitis and Stye: Blepharitis is a condition in which the oil glands in the eyelid are inflamed and infected. If this infection causes a raised bump on the eyelid, it is known as a stye or chalazion. This could be extremely traumatic as well as touch-sensitive. This condition tends to recur if there is no proper treatment.

Blepharitis and Stye Ophthalmalgia


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Corneal Abrasion: Another common reason behind the ocular ophthalmalgia could be a corneal abrasion. It is a condition in which the cornea (white area of the eye) is injured. This causes pain and discomfort within the eyes that fails to indicate improvement even ensuing flushing water. It is a sign that you should consult an ophthalmologist to get it treated.

Corneal Abrasion Eye Pain


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Common Causes Of The Orbital Eye Pain Usually Involve:

Sinusitis: It is an infection which causes inflammation and swelling of the tissue lining the sinuses. When the infection happens, it can cause pressure to build up behind the eyes, leading to eye pain or ophthalmalgia. It can cause pain in either one or both eyes, depending on the location and severity of the sinus infection. Other common symptoms of sinusitis include thick nasal discharge, a headache, and fever.

A migraine: most of the people affected by a migraine headache undergo eye pain or ophthalmalgia. These types of headaches usually cause throbbing pain in the head and in the eyes. It is principally accompanied by sensitivity to luminescence or nausea and vomit.


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Glaucoma: It is a condition that is caused due to an increased intraocular pressure or pressure inside the eyes. One of the common complications in diabetics, it can affect the optic nerve and may even lead to permanent blindness if not diagnosed and managed in time. Symptoms of glaucoma apart from ophthalmalgia are headache, redness of the eyes, pain of light exposure, decreased peripheral vision, and changes in vision like halos along the light.

Optic Neuritis: This is a condition in which the optic nerve, the nerve that connects the eyeball to the brain, gets inflamed. It could be due to a viral or bacterial infection or an underlying autoimmune disease such as multiple sclerosis. It usually starts off as a mild pain in the eyes, which gets worse when the eyes are moved. It would cause partial or complete loss of vision if not treated.

Keratitis: An inflammation or infection of the cornea, keratitis can affect both the eyes. If caused due to wearing contact lenses for a long time, it is known as contact lens keratitis. If it is caused by herpes simplex virus infection, then it is known as herpes simplex keratitis. It usually affects just one eye and causes eye pain together with red and watery eyes, impaired vision and blisters on the eyelids.


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How Is Eye Pain Or Ophthalmalgia Treated?

The treatment for any type of ophthalmalgia is dependant on the cause of it. In some cases, home care is advised, while in some cases, after consulting a doctor, it is essential to use medicines to soothe eye pain.

Here are a few quick tips to prevent and manage eye pain or ophthalmalgia.

How Is Eye Pain Treated With 8 Tips


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  • Watching a computer or TV will strain the eyes. Just let the eyes rest.
  • If you regularly wear contact lenses, maintain all safety guidelines and hygiene suggestions such as before and after use clearing the lens, isn’t wearing that at bedtime, and so on.
  • If you undergo eye pain or ophthalmalgia, you can try the warm compress as it keeps the eyes moist and helps clear clogged pores. This can help people with blepharitis or stye.
  • Flush your eyes with plain water if any, chemical or foreign body gets into the eyes to clean out the irritants.
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  • Don’t use eye drops or anti-allergy medication while not consulting a doctor because it would possibly worsen the condition.
  • Don’t ever medicine yourself. Antibiotics and pain relievers can help, but it is wise, before having any medication, consult your doctor to treat eye pain and infection.
  • In some cases such as glaucoma, surgery might be recommended to treat the condition.

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When Do You See A Doctor For Eye Pain Or Ophthalmalgia?

Moderate eye pain or discomfort is prevalent and it can be dealt at home in most instances. However, if you undergo severe pain within the eye together with changes in vision, it’s an indication to consult a doctor. Moreover, you should see a doctor if you experience any warning signs such as:

  • Vomiting
  • Fever and chills
  • Decreased sharpness of vision
  • Swelling or bulging of the eye
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