Bhupen Hazarika Son Condemns CAA Bill, Refuses Bharat Ratna

Last Updated: 28th August, 2022

Bhupen Hazarika’s Son Condemns CAA Bill, Refuses Bharat Ratna: Only two days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid homage to Bhupen Hazarika and went after past governments for deferring the Bharat Ratna presented after death on the praised artist this Republic Day, Hazarika’s son Tej, challenging the “painfully unpopularCitizenship (Amendment) Bill, put the legislature on notice Monday, saying the Bill was “really undermining” his dad’s “recorded position” and “would truly be contrary to what Bhupen Hazarika believed in his innermost being“.

Bharat Ratnas and longest bridges, while vital, won’t advance the harmony and thriving of the citizens of India. Just barely well known laws and foreknowledge with respect to leadership will. Various media columnists are currently asking me regardless of whether I will acknowledge the Bharat Ratna for my dad, Bhupen Hazarika. I go on record here to answer that A), I have not gotten any welcome, so far there is nothing to reject, and B), how the Center proceeds onward this issue far exceeds in significance the awarding and accepting of such national recognition — a showcase of brief shabby rushes,” Tej Hazarika, who is situated in the US.

At the point when his remarks were looking for at Tej Hazarika’s comments, Hrishikesh Goswami, media counselor to the Chief Minister of Assam, disclosed, “The family has as of now generously acknowledged the honor and welcomed it publicly. By declining the Bharat Ratna, does Tej Hazarika need to state that his father was not qualified for the honor? For what reason would he say he was sitting in the US and remarking on the Citizenship Amendment Bill?

In New Delhi, Ministry of Home Affairs authorities declined remark, saying they are yet to get a formal correspondence from Bhupen Hazarika’s family.

Assam and different states of the North-East have been annoyed by dissents over the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, which looks to loosen up Indian citizenship eligibility rules for outsiders having a place with six minority religions — Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians — from Afghanistan, Bangladesh or Pakistan. The Bill is recorded for re-consideration and entry in Rajya Sabha Tuesday.

In his comment, Tej Hazarika stated: “I trust that my father’s name and words are being summoned and celebrated publicly while plans are hatching to pass a painfully unpopular Bill with respect to citizenship that is really undermining his recorded position…

For his admirers — a larger part of individuals of the Northeast — and India’s extraordinary assorted variety including every indigenous populace of India, he could never have supported what shows up, straightforwardly, to be a devious method for pushing a law against the will and advantage of the greater part in a way that has likewise been by all accounts terribly un-constitutional, un-democratic and un-Indian,” he said.

Receiving any type of this Bill now in the way in which it is being proffered, presently or later on, will finally have the tragic and bothersome impact of not just disturbing the personal satisfaction, language, character and power parity of the regions, yet that of undermining my father’s position — by conveying an unleashing hit to the harmony, inward honesty and solidarity of the secular and democratic Republic of India,” he said.

Bhupen Hazarika’s melodies and verses, in numerous dialects, including Assamese, Bengali and Hindi, focused, among others, on subjects of internationalism, fairness, harmony, solidarity among religious and etymological communities and even the tribulations of common laborer’s life.

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