Best Free Cloud Web Hosting with cPanel & Support

Best Free Cloud Web Hosting with cPanel & Support 2019

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Last Updated: 27th December, 2020

Best Free Cloud Web Hosting with cPanel, SSL, Softaculous, PHP, MySQL, Full HTTP/2.0, ALPN Support, Instant Support and NO ADS from Viewen! Yes you read absolutely Correct! Viewen is the only one of it’s kind in this fast competitive market who provides true “Best Free Cloud Web Hosting and Application Hosting with 100% original cPanel and Free Premium Support.

So what’s the catch!

No absolutely there isn’t any. Let me tell you why Viewen’s free cloud hosting is really different from any other hosting companies or hosting providers who claim to provide free web hosting. Viewen maintains absolute transparency agenda about No Hidden cost and you DO NOT require to have a Credit Card for getting your own free cloud hosting. They only require a few reasonable verification steps which is again a child’s play. Before discussing the verification process let us learn what Viewen is offering for free. So here is the complete feature list of “Best Free Cloud Web Hosting with cPanel and Support” provided by Viewen.

Recently Viewen has upgraded all it’s server to the CloudLinux OS – The #1 OS for Linux hosting, leading platform for multitenancy. It improves server stability, density, and security by isolating each tenant and giving them allocated server resources. This creates an environment that feels more like a virtual server than a shared hosting account. By doing so, CloudLinux OS reduces operating costs and churn rates, and increases profitability.

CloudLinux OS is designed for shared hosting providers. It isolates each customer into a separate “Lightweight Virtualized Environment” (LVE), which partitions, allocates, and limits server resources, like memory, CPU, and connections, for each tenant. This ensures that tenants cannot jeopardize the stability of your servers, causing all sites to slow down or even come to a halt. CloudLinux OS also “cages” tenants from one another to avoid security breaches. This way, unstable scripts or malware are not able to sprawl across your customer sites, causing severe harm.

Free Cloud Web Hosting Key Features:-

  • Cloud Linux Operating System
  • Cloud Hosting With cPanel
  • Full HTTP/2.0 Support
  • ALPN Support
  • Free SSL from Let’s Encrypt
  • Free Softaculous
  • PHP and MySQL
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Control Panels
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Unlimited Websites
  • No ID or Credit Card Required
  • No Ads
  • Website Builder
  • SSD Servers (Prime Servers)
  • Free Content Migration (Prime Servers)
  • Low Density Server (Prime Servers)
  • Free Transfer From Paid Hosting
  • Each Server Has A Dedicated Mayor (A server administrator is called Mayor at Viewen)
  • Active Social Media Team (Apart from support tickets anyone can ask for help directly on the Facebook Forum)
  • Nothing Ever To Purchase!
  • Multiple Server Options, from Free to Paid!

The Ultimate Guide on How To Start a Blog (Step-by-Step). All in all, you need to start a blog huh? But how to start a blog in right way! I guarantee it’ll be straightforward, moderately simple, and certainly straightforward (no moronic language). Sounds great?

Free Cloud Web Hosting Server Specifications:-

    • Central Processing Unit (CPU)
      • Dual Xeon 5639 4TB Pre-configured
      • 2.13GHz – 2 Processors
      • 12 Cores / 24 threads
    • 32GB RAM
    • 4TB HDD
    • 1GBps Port
    • 100TB Bandwidth per Month
    • Full HTTP/2.0 Support
    • ALPN Support

So far so good! Now let’s discuss about the verification process.

3 Step Verification:-

  1. There are only 3 things that Viewen asks from their Citizens (Viewen considers every member or customer, as a Citizen): The first is that you have verify your identity not by credit card or photo ID, however, by simply providing them a link to your Facebook Page (Now please be honest with this one). In order to verify it’s your page, simply give Viewen’s Facebook page a like (Think about this way, one simple like they get, they provide you unlimited resources).
  2. The second thing is also easy. If their services have made a difference in your life and you’re happy with it, simply share Viewen on your Facebook timeline just once a month as your way of showing support for this platform. That is it! No money, no ads, no contract, no credit cards, and no upsells. Viewen keeps it nice and clean.
  3. Finally, it is required for everyone to have a Properly Registered Paid Domain.You just need to show that you own your domain rightfully and legally. This step has been made imperative recently to avoid spammers and any other illegal misuses. Personally I find this very reasonable. As in today’s date buying a gTLDs or a ccTLD domain is not at all costly. It’s as low as $1 USD or Rs.100 INR for one year! So free domains like .TK, .CF, .GA, .ML etc. are not allowed anymore.
  4. For more detailed information about the Activation Process and Terms Of Service please visit Viewen’s Account Activation and TOS pages respectively.

Why free domains are prohibited?

First of all we need to understand that any of the free domains are not permanent, if you register any free domain, then you will need to buy that domain after 1 year to retain your domain name. Otherwise it will simply expire and you have to register another domain.


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Now if you are really serious about your reputation and stability for whatever purpose for which you want to have a website you should always buy a domain, if you think in this way that you are making a very small investment as next to that you don’t have to invest for anything else! Unless you want any other paid service, that’s a different topic. In the same way a free domain will get you absolute 0% SEO Ranking or even a negative Ranking.

Secondly, when you pay for something, automatically you will feel the responsibility about your investment and you will pay more attention on your project, it’s a common human psychology.

Finally, many of us may have a question, that you don’t have that amount of money or credit card to buy a domain. I would say to you, that if you can manage to have an internet connection, a mobile phone so you or your parents are paying the bill every month. In same way you can ask your parents or even for yourself that you will need only $1 USD or Rs.100 INR for a whole ONE year!

Now that we have a clear picture about Viewen’s Best Free Cloud Web Hosting with cPanel and it’s features, let’s focus and understand the most important part of any service or product irrespective of free or paid is the Quality of Service or Support! It’s the key of any business as all business require their returning customers and their referrals. If you are not happy with any particular service or product, then definitely you won’t be thinking twice about that. As simple as that. This makes Viewen stand out from rest of the crowd. Being a completely free full fledged web hosting platform they provide almost 24x7x365 Free Support for each and every customer through support tickets, live chat, dedicated social media team on Facebook!


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What more are you looking for! If you are a student, a startup, running a small-mid-sized business, need your own portfolio or blog, it’s perfect for everyone. Just go and give it a try! You won’t regret, that’s for sure!

Enjoy The Best Free Cloud Web Hosting with cPanel and Support forever with Viewen!
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