Beresheet First Lunar Space Shuttle By Israel Sends Selfie 37,600 Kilometers From Earth

Beresheet: First Lunar Space Shuttle By Israel Sends Selfie 37,600 Kilometers From Earth

Last Updated: 24th July, 2022

A synergistic mission executed by the state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries and Israeli NGO SpaceIL saw Israel‘s first lunar shuttle ‘Beresheet‘ take off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on 22nd February. Almost two weeks and 37,600 kilometers later, the shuttle has sent back a picture of its feet and lunar plaque, alongside the Earth as a background.

Beresheet is presently on its way to the Moon. At the point when the lander contacts down on the lunar surface, it will play out various examinations including estimating the local magnetic field.


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SpaceIL circulated the selfie sent back by Beresheet on its Twitter account. The plaque found in the picture peruses, “Am Yisrael Chai“, which is Hebrew for “The nation of Israel lives“, and “Small Country, Big Dreams.


  • First lunar space shuttle by Israel, Beresheet is on its way to the Moon
  • Beresheet shares a selfie with us
  • It will touch down on lunar surface only by 11th April

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Beresheet, whose name means Genesis, took off on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and will make Israel the fourth country (and the first non-superpower country) to arrive on the Moon after the US, Russia, and China. With the lunar landing, SpaceIL is wanting to make an Israeli “Apollo Effect” with an end goal to motivate future ages of researchers in the country to think about engineering, science, mathematics and innovation.

Alongside the estimating equipment, the Beresheet lander conveys recollections from Israel, says a prior post. It carries an advanced “time capsule”, which contains more than thirty million pages of information about the Earth, including a full duplicate of Wikipedia in English, the Bible, illustrations by kids.

Recollections of a Holocaust survivor, Israel’s national anthem, melodies in Hebrew, the Wayfarer’s Prayer (a Jewish prayer about a safe journey), the Israeli flag, and a replica of the Israeli Declaration of Independence.


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Israel’s 585-kilogram Beresheet lander is relied upon to contact down self-sufficiently on the Moon surface by 11th April. The shuttle is as of now circling the Earth in elliptical circles and will be travelling 6.5 million kilometers altogether, which is the longest span headed out before to get to the Moon.

Being the smallest shuttle at any point made for its weight, Beresheet will contact a most extreme speed of 10 kilometers for every second (36,000 kilometers for the per hour). Beresheet was created and developed in a moderately minimal effort of $100 million.

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