Baba Ramdev: Strip Voting Rights Having More Than 2 Children

Last Updated: 28th August, 2022

Yoga Doyen Baba Ramdev is a bit excessive pissed with the nation’s populace, we surmise; so much that he has strict disciplines gotten ready for individuals who bring forth multiple kids! Many may recall BJP’s Sakshi Maharaj pushing for Hindu ladies bringing forth four youngsters to secure Hinduism.

Baba Ramdev, notwithstanding, isn’t strolling that way by any means. Baba Ramdev, actually, says individuals who don’t control the quantity of children they deliver, ought to be denied of all benefits given by the Government.

Those who have more than 2 children, their voting rights should be taken away & they shouldn’t be allowed to contest elections. Don’t let them use Govt. schools, hospitals, & don’t give them Govt. jobs. Population will be controlled automatically,” Baba Ramdev said while introducing the Patanjali Clothing Store in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh.

This isn’t the first run through Baba Ramdev is batting for populace control. A year ago in November, Ramdev said individuals who stayed unmarried merited an uncommon respect.

In this country, people who never get married should be given special honor. And if someone chooses to get married, then there should be a restriction on that couple to produce only two children. Anyone having more than two children should be deprived of voting rights,” Ramdev said on an occasion.

A special respect for lone wolves sounds a bit excessive sensational. While controlling the populace is the need of the great importance of the planet’s second most populated country, we aren’t sure such extraordinary advances are consistently going to suit the Government.

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