Avengers Endgame, Superstar Robert Downey Jr Can Hardly Wait To Come To India

Avengers: Endgame, Superstar Robert Downey Jr Can Hardly Wait To Come To India

Last Updated: 15th April, 2019

Things being what they are, this Sunday, Mumbai dismissed all its end of the week apathy and touched base at a city theater to have the year’s best Sunday, possibly? Avengers: Endgame‘s performing artist, the superstar Robert Downey Jr is otherwise known as Ironman otherwise known as Tony Stark gone along with us LIVE through a video meeting from Korea and was welcomed with a booming cheer.

The Marvel creators have constantly recognized what a tremendous fan base India is, for them. As Avengers: End Game nears to its release, the fervor is rising and Downey unquestionably had a taste of it as he holds forth to devotees of four Indian urban areas, at the same time.


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Avengers Endgame, the final movie of the series Marvel fans from India have completely won Robert Downey Jr's heart!


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The appropriate response turned out precipitously when a fan asked him whether he needed to share any recollections from the End Game wrap-up gathering. “I have no memory of it,” he replied with a straight face, which pursued with a thunder of chuckling.

All of you are simply astounding fans. I cannot pause, I can’t trust I have not been to India,” he stated, adding that he was coming to us very soon!

Avengers: End Game star @robertdowneyjr can’t wait to visit India! . . #robertdowneyjr #avengersendgame #marveluniverse #tonystark #ironman #avengers #hollywood #celebrity #indotcom

81 Likes, 0 Comments – IN.com (@indotcom) on Instagram: “Avengers: End Game star @robertdowneyjr can’t wait to visit India! . . #robertdowneyjr…”


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The performing artist likewise proceeded to state how shooting the last two releases has been a completely extraordinary encounter. “I got the chance to let you know genuinely. You know, we made both Infinity war and End Game, and we actually shot them consecutively, back to back. Right from the Avengers to the Guardians, most of the time everybody was getting to know one another,” he included.

April 26th is the date when the final Avengers movie of the series will hit the big screens. Is it true that you are prepared for every one of the riddles of the Marvel Universe to culminate themselves?

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