Apple WWDC 2018 What To Expect In iOS 12, macOS 10.14, watchOS and More

Apple WWDC 2018: What To Expect In iOS 12, macOS 10.14, watchOS and More

Last Updated: 25th December, 2022

WWDC 2018: Apple reveals future software products, and this year iOS 12, macOS 10.14, watchOS, new tvOS are expected to be showcased.

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2018 can happen on June 4 in San Jose, California. WWDC is where Apple reveals future software system products, and this year iOS 12, macOS 10.14, watchOS, a brand new version of tvOS are expected.

A report from Bloomberg says Apple won’t unleash new hardware at the event, thus all those expecting a brand new MacBook Air, iPad or the iPhone SE 2 are going to be discomfited. A more modern Apple Watch is additionally not getting to be unveiled at WWDC, indicates a similar report. However, there are some leaks around Apple’s future iOS 12, and what the opposite software can provide. Here’s a glance at what to expect from Apple WWDC 2018 keynote on Monday.

Apple iOS 12: A Glance At Top Expected Features

Animoji Characters: Apple iOS can probably bring some new Animoji characters. As long as Apple can have three new iPhone X variants in 2018 with Face ID on all of them, this is often not stunning. Animoji could conjointly return to the next-Gen iPad pro, and can be integrated into the FaceTime app yet, in keeping with an earlier report from Bloomberg.

The Digital Health Tool is going to be another major addition to iOS. It’ll let users monitor their technical addiction by observing how much time they pay on their smartphone, or for a specific app. There’ll be additional parental controls yet, letting parents monitor their children’s smartphone usage. The Digital Health tool is going to be a part of Settings in iOS 12.

apple iOS 12 lockscreen

NFC Features: Apple can probably expand the NFC capabilities on iPhones from simply payments in Apple Pay to unlock doors, validating identity, etc. in keeping with a report within The Information, Apple employees are already using the feature to open doors within the campus via their iPhones. NFC stands for Near-Field Communication. So far, the NFC chip on iPhones has been restricted to payments via Apple Pay.

iOS 12 Lockscreen: Apple iOS 12 can have an improved lockscreen, which can include the choice for adding additional widgets. A user might rely on 3D touch to open up the widget and see additional information around this. The Weather, Music app, Stocks app, etc. are going to be supported in this lexicon feature.

Apple iOS 12 and DND: Apple can probably create some improvements to the DND or do not Disturb mode in iOS 12, in line with reports. Rival android has already created improvements to DND in android P, that currently blocks even visual notifications, once the phone is in this mode. This is often done to reduce any probabilities of distraction.

Apple iOS 12 and Performances: the main focus with iOS 12 will be on performance improvement, instead of simply adding new features. Apple iOS 12 is meant to offer better dependability and stability, not like iOS 11 that had a number of issues. Apple will push newer features, that aren’t complete to the next iOS update, instead of releasing all in one go, according to reports.

Apple iOS 12 and performances

Apple iOS 12 and ARKit 2.0: Another report from Bloomberg says Apple iOS 12 can focus additional on augmented reality (AR) and therefore the second version of ARKit will be disclosed. Apple ARKit allows developers to make apps that make the most of the iPhone, iPad’s hardware to permit a swish AR experience. ARKit 2.0 might enable developers to create games, wherever users can play against one another within the same virtual mode, in keeping with the report.

Apple macOS 10.14 and Expected Features

Apple macOS 10.14 will be subsequent version of the company’s software for its iMacs, MacBooks, etc., whereas we’ve got not seen too several leaks around what’s going to be new in macOS, it’s expected that Apple can introduce universal apps in the new OS. This could enable developers to create one app for iOS, macOS, etc., whereas the App Store has been flourishing, the mac App Store has not very been that popular. The mac App Store has conjointly not seen any major upgrade for some time. With universal apps, one might find that the number of apps on macOS goes up drastically, if the company introduces the feature this year.

Apple watchOS 5

Apple watchOS 5 and Expected Features

Apple watchOS 5 can probably come with some enhancements around fitness, that may be a major a part of the Apple Watch. There’ll be new watchfaces additionally. Reports have claimed Apple might finally enable third-party watchfaces with the new OS, given this has been restricted to only those approved by the company. Apple watchOS 5 might conjointly support Spotify shortly via a StreamKit, claim some leaks. An Apple watchface with the Pride colors has already been leaked online, and it’ll be revealed during the Monday keynote likewise.

Apple WWDC 2018 Keynote: New Features For Siri

Given that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and voice-assistants have gained the most prominence, we are probably to envision some announcements for Siri as well. Once it comes to AI, the perception is that Apple’s Siri is trailing Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa in terms of capabilities and features. Apple might try to modify some of that with the iOS 12 update. Apple’s stress on privacy has meant that Siri’s capabilities didn’t quite hold with that of the competition.

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