Akshay Kumar ‘Bestowed’ With An Honorary Citizen Of Canada Or He Applied Himself?

Last Updated: 4th May, 2019

Honorary Citizen Of Canada: 29th March, 2019 denoted a major day for Mumbaikars as they ventured out to cast a ballot. A few famous people set a model by utilizing their right and getting their finger inked, before casting their ballot. Be that as it may, the non-appearance of one VIP at the polling booth cocked eyebrows. We are discussing about none other than superstar Akshay Kumar, who as of late led a non-political meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Akshay’s nationalism has dependably been high on Josh, and netizens were astounded to not see him casting his ballot at the Lok Sabha Elections 2019. With this present, Akshay’s ‘Honorary Citizenship of Canada‘ did hit the headlines.


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Reports propose that Akshay couldn’t make his choice since he is an honorary citizen of Canada, while India does not permit dual citizenship. Further, this discussion over Akshay, not casting a ballot heightened after he had maintained a strategic distance from a question on the equivalent at an occasion. He said ‘Chaliye Beta‘ to a columnist and quickly evaded the question.

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While the superstar is keeping up a flat out quiet over his honorary citizenship of Canada, we ran over a story that was distributed in Vancouver Observer dated 2nd September, 2012. The article rotates around “certain group of Canadians who have been prevented or stripped of citizenship by the federal government because of legitimate details.

It furthers reference to Akshay Kumar and states, “While most of these cases have been settled through the 2009 Bill C-37, An Act to Amend the Citizenship Act, a few people are holding up a long time to get a similar citizenship paper that others -, for example, Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar; was granted with one within a few weeks.” Honorary citizenship is given to somebody and not ‘granted‘, we presume. So does that implies that he applied for one?

Honorary Citizen Of Canada wikipedia


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We burrowed somewhat further and looked over the Honorary Canadian citizenship page by Wikipedia and it specifies just six names including that of Malala Yousafzai and Nelson Mandela. It doesn’t make any whatsoever reference to Akshay Kumar, and we truly wonder why. While he isn’t on the rundown, Akshay believes that he has been ‘given a citizenship‘. In a rendezvous from 2017, while he was campaigning Toilet: Ek Prem Katha, Akshay did say that he was bestowed one and that is ‘something to be glad about‘.

Watch the below video and find out:


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We got in contact with Akshay’s team for a remark, however they wouldn’t give one!

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