Adnan Sami: I Have Been Called Each Name From Spy to Turncoat

Last Updated: 28th August, 2022

The pro-performer and concert individualist, Adnan Sami (who surrendered his Pakistani precursors in 2016 to end up an Indian native) says his reliability is irrefutable. “Mere liye jeena yahan marna yahan. I might not have been born an Indian. However, I am glad to state I’d die an Indian,” said Adnan inwardly. Adnan gets viciously trolled from over the border, particularly amid this season of warlike strain between the two nations.

I have been called each name, from spy to the turncoat. I prayed to the almighty in thanks when Wing Commander Abhinandan came back to India. I cheered the most intensely for the IAF amid their ongoing air strike against terrorists. God, the trolling that I was put through from Pakistan. Be that as it may, the individuals who call me names from Pakistan must comprehend two things.


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The IAF attacked terrorists, not general people. Pakistan ought to be as worried about terrorism as India may be. Furthermore, regardless of what occurs, I am an Indian at this point. My allegiance lies with India and nothing can change that. You can troll and mishandle me as much as you can imagine from Pakistan. Be that as it may, this is the place I belong to.


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Adnan Sami was born in London to Arshad Sami Khan, a Pakistani ambassador of Pashtun origin. His mom, Naureen, was initially from the Jammu and Kashmir state in North India. Adnan’s dad filled in as a Pakistan Air Force pilot, who at that point turned into a senior civil servant and filled in as Pakistan’s diplomat to 14 nations.


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Sami’s fatherly great-grandfather, General Ahmed Jan, was from Afghanistan and a military counsel to King Abdur Rahman Khan. His fatherly great-grandfather, Agha Mehfooz Jan, was the governor of four Afghan areas under King Amanullah Khan’s rule and was the King’s first cousin. He was killed by Habibullah Kalakani and accordingly Sami’s dad’s family relocated to Peshawar, at that point in British India.

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