3 Common Illusions On Hookah Smoking Smashed!

3 Common Illusions On Hookah Smoking Smashed!

Last Updated: 24th July, 2022

We, as a whole realize that cigarette smoking is one of the greatest public health hazards everywhere throughout the world. It annihilates roughly 6 million individuals per year, of which around 73% live in developing nations. There are various researches which revealed insight into the effect of cigarette smoking on the lungs, heart, liver, oral health, respiratory and by and large overall health.

In spite of the fact that there is a broad research among carcinogens and tobacco smoking as bad, cigars or cigarettes, the examination of hookah smoking is rare. Hookah smoking is ending up progressively in demand among the young without them monitoring its tobacco content.


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Hookah is an antiquated method of smoking tobacco publicized by Indian and Middle-Eastern societies. In any case, a worldwide spread in its utilization has been seen in the previous 20 years. As indicated by a recent report, the pervasiveness of the hookah is up to 15% in India.

In the course of the most recent decade, it has resurged to prevalence everywhere throughout the nation with hookah bars opening up in every major city.

Additionally, there is an offbeat observation in the open that hookah, otherwise called water pipe tobacco, is less unsafe than cigarettes. So in this article, we’re clearing the top three common hookah illusions.

3 Common Illusions About Hookah Smoking


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1. Hookah Hardly Contains Any Tobacco

Hookahs are in truth water pipes that are intended to smoke tobacco. So essentially it is the tobacco, which comes in various flavors and veils the flavor of tobacco. Despite the fact that the flavors cover the flavor of tobacco, you are in a roundabout way smoking tobacco.

This is on the grounds that a hookah contains a water pipe which heat up the tobacco utilizing charcoal. The filters in the hookah filter the smoke in a bowl of water and afterwards redirect the vapors to an inhalation rubber pipe that is connected to the vessel.

There are three types of tobacco used in a hookah:–

Muessel: It holds 30% tobacco and 70% honey or molasses together with glycerol and different flavors. It is widely used in the population of Kuwait.


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Agami: This is the unflavored that belongs to Persia. It contains unblended, dark tobacco paste.

Jurak: It is a Muessel and Agami intermediate form and is widely used in India. The various flavors available in the market typically involve watermelon, apple, grapes, mint, etc.

There are three types of tobacco used in a hookah

2. Hookah Is Innately Superior To Cigarettes

Since smoking hookah is nothing more than tobacco smoking, it carries the same risks of smoking as cigarette smoking. In fact, it might be more severe to smoke hookah than tobacco. Here are a few interesting facts that you should always be aware of:

  • The charcoal used to warm up a hookah/shisha generates high levels of carbon monoxide, which is toxic as it impairs the flow of blood to multiple body organs.
  • Tobacco toxins as well as smoke generated by smoking a hookah/shisha increase the risk by which lung, bladder and oral cancer could well evolve.
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  • Although the smoke passes through water, it always contains high amount of toxic substances like those of metals, carbon monoxide, as well as other chemicals that increase the risk of cancer.
  • The amount of smoke ingested from such a hookah session could be as high as 90,000ml as particularly in comparison to cigarette smoking, which is much more than 100 times. Approximately 500 ml of smoke inhaled from smoking a single cigarette.

3. Second-hand Smoke Isn’t Really Dangerous From Hookah

Much the same as second-hand smoke from cigarettes is unsafe to health, used smoke from a hookah is additionally perilous. This is a direct result of a lot of smoke delivered by smoking hookahs. An average session of shisha smoking goes on for around 20 to 80 minutes, which is a lot higher than cigarette smoking which generally takes around 5 to 8 minutes.


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Amid this time, shisha smokers can take up to 200 puffs yet conversely, cigarette smokers take around 8-12 puffs. This obviously demonstrates the likelihood of more elevated amounts of second-hand smoke with shisha smoking when contrasted with cigarette smoking.

The smoke discharged from a hookah contains numerous unsafe synthetic substances, for example, benzene, arsenic and ammonia. In addition, the consuming of charcoal in the event of the hookah is likewise lethal to health. Recurring divulgence to second-hand smoke from hookahs can make your lungs disintegrate at a quicker rate.


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Regardless of various purposes behind not smoking hookahs, a few illusions have led individuals to believe that it is safer when contrasted with cigarette smoking. In any case, this isn’t valid as hookahs produce a great deal of smoke which makes you breathe in more smoke than smoking cigarettes.

An average session of shisha smoking has around 25 cigarettes eminences of tar, 11 cigarettes eminences of carbon monoxide (CO), and 2 cigarettes eminences of nicotine. As hookah/shisha or smoking tobacco is destructive to health, the best way to diminish your danger of life-threatening diseases is to stop smoking cigarettes just as a hookah.

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